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A2A on the couch
I wish you all a Sparkling New Year!

29th-Dec-2011 06:20 pm - [Fanfiction] An Unusual Christmas
A2A on the couch
Autore: reilin
Titolo: An Unusual Christmas – Di alberi di Natale, missioni e spade leggendarie.
Fandom: Huntik Secrets & Seekers
Personaggi: Dante Vale; Lok Lambert; Sophie Casterwill; Den Pierce; Zhalia Moon; Harrison Pierce; Metz; Montehue, Cherit
Word Count: 3595 inclusa la traccia (W)
Rating: Giallo
Genere: Azione, Sentimentale, vagamente Introspettivo
Avvertimenti: What If?, Oneshot
Note: Ora che il contest è terminato, posso finalmente pubblicare questa fanfiction "natalizia". Essa si colloca temporalmente esattamente un anno dopo "Il primo Natale insieme...". Beh, spero che vi piaccia: buona lettura!
Disclaimer: 1. I personaggi di Huntik appartengono ad Iginio Straffi e alla Rainbow SpA;
2. Questa fanfiction è stata scritta per il Terzo Contest dell'HNE forum, classificandosi al primo posto!
3. Partecipante al The One Hundred Prompt Project con il prompt 018.neve

Di alberi di Natale, missioni e spade leggendarieCollapse )
A2A on the couch
Titolo: Il primo Natale insieme...
Fandom: Huntik Secrets & Seekers
Personaggi: Dante Vale; Zhalia Moon
Pairing: Dante x Zhalia
Word Count: 1086 (W)
Rating: Verde
Genere: Sentimentale, Romantico
Avvertimenti: Oneshot, What If?, Slices of Life, Lime
Note: Avevo così tanta voglia di scrivere del primo Natale insieme di Dante e Zhalia. Immagino che la povera cercatrice non abbia mai trascorso le festività natalizie prima di entrare nel team Huntik, così ogni cosa deve sembrare nuova per lei ed emozionarla davvero tanto, rendendola ancora più desiderabile agli occhi di Dante.
Per la leggenda sul vischio, mi sono ispirata a questa pagina.
Disclaimer: 1. I personaggi di Huntik appartengono ad Iginio Straffi e alla Rainbow SpA;
2. Fanfiction scritta per la community huntik_ita .
3. Partecipante al "The One Hundred Prompt" con il prompt 048.sensazioni.

Il primo Natale insieme...Collapse )
A2A on the couch
Dear friends,
I wish a Merry Christmas to you all!
Loads of Hugs!
A2A on the couch
While the Casterwills, the Huntik Foundation and the Spiral of Blood continue to fight, Lok and the others face the Legendary Titan of Betrayal, Demigorgan. Demigorgan uses its special ability that distorts the relationship between Titan and Seeker: the Huntik team is really upset by this ability. Lok is nearly killed, but then he manages to invoke Powerbonded Pendragon. Sophie and Lok exchange ideas on how the Traitor has used the fake Olotome and Lok understands that when he talked with his father in Tir Na Nog, it was all true. Lok puts into practice what his father told him that night and invokes Quetzalcoatl, defeating Demigorgan with the power of both his Legendary Titans. Now Lok has no longer enough strength to fight and the Traitor decides to turn himself to the Mark of the Blood Spiral. The Huntik team tries to stop him, but they are all too weak. Sandra and Lucas are implementing their plan to stop the Traitor, but without success. All the seekers says that it would be better if Dante was with them., then Zhalia sees Dante’s last message of Dante in her diary: "You cannot get rid of me so easily." Thus Dante makes his big comeback on the scene: Umbra arrives taking with it some ashes, that suddenly turn into the red hair seeker. In front of all the seekers’ astonished gazes he explains he survived taking Phoenix power to reborn from its ashes using Copykind. Thanks to the clue that Lok and Sophie found in real Nostradamus’s last prophecy, Dante and Lok defeat the Betrayer by hitting the Blood Spiral on his body with the WillBlade . One month later, Dante has joined the Huntik Council Board and Lok has become the leader of the Huntik team. On the last scene, we see the Blood Spiral mark pulsing with red ligh: is it really inactive?
A2A on the couch
Den and Harrison have a fight underground in the Betrayer’s ziggurat while Zhalia is watching at them. Harrison is winning the battle with Antedeluvian Powerbonded, but Den saves himself by evoking Vigilante Powerbonded. Zhalia ends up saving both boys from the explosion, while the ziggurat emerges at the center of the Mark of the Blood Spiral. There, as the Huntik Foundation, the Casterwills and the Blood Spiral arrive, the Betrayer’s mummy comes back to life and promises to restore the mark of the Spiral. He says that Dante’s sacrifice was useless. Zhalia is shocked by discovering Dante’s death and even Montehue cries saying that it was unfair. All the seekers from the Huntik Foundation lose faith and will to fight against the Traitor. Lok disagrees, saying that Dante wouldn’t sacrifice himself if he didn’t know that others would have won without him: Dante had a plan and the plan was the seekers themselves. Lok leads the Huntik Foundation and the Casterwills against the spiral of Blood. During the battle Montehue and Scarlett meet and they start flirting. The Traitor evokes the Legendary Titan of Betrayal, Demigorgan, who was disguised as a Eathon’s Olotome. There is a great battle, and Lok and Sophie are dropped into a hole. Seeing what is happening, Zhalia tells Harrison she’s a Foundation spy and then she takes her mask off and goes on the battlefield to help her friends. Zhalia tries to save the team from Demigorgan, but she’s nearly killed by the Betrayer. Harrison is shocked by knowing that Zhalia –the only person he could trust in Blood Spiral – was a spy, but when he sees her lying on the ground unconscious he understand that she’s important to him, so he rebels against the Blood Spiral and asks for Den’s help to save Zhalia Den and Harrison finally fight side by side to defeat the enemy!
A2A on the couch
Dante, Sophie, Cherith, and Lok Den attack the base of the Blood Spiral. Den goes to find his brother, while the others fight against Rassimov and Legion. Lok finds out the weak point of the Legendary Titan thanks to a hint of Cherith and the team destroys it. In the confusion, the Team Huntik tries to clear a path for Sophie so that she can hit the center of the Spiral mark with Phoenix, to fulfill the prophecy. However, Cherith is finally able to put together all the pieces of the puzzle and understand that it is Lok the Champion of the Casterwill mentioned in Nostradamus' quatrain. Lok hits the center of Spiral mark with the Willblade, but something goes wrong because the Mark of the spiral is suddenly opened. The Traitor appears in a form that reminds a ghost and reveals that he handled all the events so far, including the quatrains of Nostradamus, to make sure that this moment would come. Using the Willblade on the Mark, Lok has called the Red Comet, which soon will crash against the mark, destroying the Huntik Foundation, The Spiral of Blood and Casterwill - Casterwills and the members of the Huntik Foundation will arrive just before the comet impact, and communications are interrupted), and also will allow the Nullificators to come back. In one stroke, he will eliminate all his enemies. All the present are shocked and destroyed by the news. Rassimov says that he understood that and for this reason he took the Tutankhamon's necklace. With Void, he teletransport himself into the space to intercept the comet, and tries to control its power through the necklace, but nothing happens and the comet disintegrates him. At the end, as they have no other choice, Dante decides to destroy the comet personally. Sophie gives him Phoenix so that it can help him, and before being blocked by Wind and Shauna, he teleports himself with Umbra. Before the comet arrives, Dante evokes Maelstrom and using the power copykind he copies its powers. The seeker together with Umbra, Maelstrom and Phoenix fly against the Red Comet and destroy it but, apparently, Dante also lost his life in the explosion, just as the legendary Titan of fate Ark had predicted to him.
A2A on the couch
The Blood Spiral can activate the mark only in the longest night of the year. The day has arrived and the Huntik team goes into Nostradamus' tomb to the last prophecy of the seer Casterwill, that Eathon indicated to the team through a riddle hidden in his olotomo. Meanwhile, the Traitor, evoked by Rassimov, orders his followers to go and kill the young Sophie. Marduk is in charge of this task, but he will fail and allow its enemies to find the last prophecy. Zhalia finally informs Dante about the location of the mark of the Blood Spiral, which is in Siberian plateau. Once informed the Foundation about that, Metz says Dante to wait there and get them to pass away, but Dante, Lok, Sophie and Den depart immediately with Umbra.
smillian, matt smith, karen gillian
Autore: ayame_b
Titolo della fic: Quindici parole per raccontare ~ Fifteen words to tell a story
Titolo del capitolo: //
Tipologia della fic: Raccolta di mini fic ♥
Genere: commedia, romantico, introspettivo, malinconico, horror
Avvertimenti: AU! What if, Dark, Romance, Crack!, Angst
Raiting: Verde
Note: Buon salve (?) a tutti :D Io sono nuova su questo fandom, almeno per quanto riguarda la pubblicazione. Infatti mi diletto a scrivere qualcosa su Huntik - che puntualmente non finisco, anche se sono drabble .-. *shame on me XD*
Bene, questa specie di 'meme' in versione Huntik l'ho ripreso da reilin-chan, che a sua volta l'ha ripreso dal suo lj e dai meme sul fandom di Hetalia ♥
Ho delle piccole note tecniche che potete leggere in chiave di lettura, se volete. Giusto per chiarire l'idea che mi è venuta fuori XD
Le frasi:
- 3 è una college AU!
- 9 è una Vampire!AU
- 2 e 7 sono collegate tra solo e volendo anche l'11, e riguardano il futuro (in fondo per altre note)
- 5, se si vuole, fa parte del sottofilone delle 2-7-11 (sempre in fondo per ulteriori note)

15 word memeCollapse )

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